Joel Gomez-Dossi

Author of Hard-Boiled Thrillers that will keep you turning pages


Pursued a hardhitting gay thriller by Joel Gomez-Dossi
Nestled in upstate New York, Stratburgh University has a problem. Three sorority sisters have disappeared, and the police say they simply ran away. The students are outraged. Even openly gay junior Jamie Bradford is concerned, only he has other worries. He doesn't have a boyfriend and is willing to disregard the troublesome news on campus to find one.

With hopes of finding a lover, Jamie attends the party of the year and becomes involved with two men at the same time. One is the man of his dreams; the other is a man of his nightmares and a police officer. And Jamie's hell begins.

The cop has another goal and will stop at nothing to achieve it. He's even willing to track Jamie through the Catskill Mountains and New York City to get what he wants. Jamie's life.

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